Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Polyclay

Here's another pendant and two sets of "earrings-to-be."
And More....

More Pendants!

Here are some new polymer clay pendants waiting to be made into necklaces - or keychains, magnets, or anything else I can come up with. I am so in love with my new mica powders (this is what gives them that colorful metallic sheen). You'll notice some small oval ones in this image - these will be earrings most likely. I will post some individual pictures of my favorite ones and I am working on a tutorial right now. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Polymer Clay Creations

Here are 2 "pendants to-be." One is painted with rich oranges, reds and purples. The other is colored for the upcoming holiday season. I think it would look nice with a red or green v-neck sweater. Both are sculpted similarly to the earrings posted earlier, except the imprint in the middle is done with a smaller floral bead. The small round imprints are done with the head of a pin, and the lines on the tips of the star are from my exact-o blade.

Poly-Clay Pendant and Brooch

Some more polymer clay creations. This pendant and brooch I sculpted on my own. Both were painted and the green/brown one was sealed with a gloss gel medium. I'm really getting to like working with polymer clay. It is so versatile and easy to manipulate. More than that, it's fun and reminds me of being a kid again - it's an adult version of Play-Doh.

Polymer Clay Earrings

Here are two sets of earrings that I made out of polymer clay. The wine/orange colored ones don't have earring findings attached yet. I'm thinking about giving them a nice coating of gloss varnish. The polymer clay used for both pairs was originally a pearlescent white which I painted with acrylics after baking. I sculpted/molded the clay by hand using a star-shaped cookie-cutter, a large flower shaped bead (this is what made the floral imprint), and a pencil eraser to squash the points of the star down. These were a lot of fun to make and I recently bought some metallic mica powders which I'm going to try out on the next set.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paper Landscape

Here is a lovely little mixed media landscape I whipped up over the past few days. The background is matte and metallic acrylics, and the foreground hills and clouds are a variety of papers. I may add an image transfer of a tree to one of the hills, but I haven't decided yet. I have to say, it's just so hard to see the textures in this design from this picture - I'm not sure if it's our scanner or what...but it looks quite different from what I see when I hold it in front of me here. When you click on the image it's much more easy to see these details.

Skull Stamp

So, I recently got a copy of Paper Source's October catalogue, and I saw a skull stamp that I really loved (shown on top). The price wasn't bad at $7.50, but then I remembered - wait! I have my own rubber and tools to make stamps. So I drew up a similar skull and, well, made a stamp out of it (shown on middle and bottom). He came out pretty good if I do say so myself. I know there is copyright issues with things like this, so I purposely did not trace the skull - I just drew my own version.