Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet Goldie & Sharkskin

Last week, I felt an intense urge to sculpt something out of clay, but didn't know what. I made myself open up to a random page in one of my motif books (4,000 Animal, Bird & Fish Motifs by Graham Leslie McCallum) and use something from that page as inspiration for a sculpture. I ended up flipping to a page of fish and chose the image I liked best (bottom pic shown). The result are 2 small sculptures I just adore. Sharksin, the blue fish, was sculpted first, and then Goldie. Sharkskin is about 1 & 1/4" long and 1/2" tall at the head, while Goldie is the same height but a little longer at 1 & 1/2". These fish were sculpted using Premo polymer clay. Some texture tools were used to accent the tails, scales, and eyes, but the general shaping was done by hand. I really think they have character, don't you?
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