Sunday, August 19, 2007

4000 Animal, Fish and Bird Motifs

I am a motif junkie. Wikipedia defines a motif as "a repeated idea, pattern, image, or theme". Sometimes all it takes for me to come up with a whole new project is just a plain old little black-and-white image, like the images in this book: "4000 Animal, Fish and Bird Motifs". What a great find for any artist or crafter! There are so many great motif books out there, but this one truly takes the cake.
The pictures of the animals in the book are categorized by the different ages from whence they originated: Mycenaean (like the fish I have pictured), Stone age, Chinese, Japanese, Medieval, Art Deco, and many others. I am particularly fond of the Mesopotamia Sumerian pages.
The images in the book are not copyright-free, but who needs to copy? Just getting a new perspective on how another artist interprets the form of a fish or a rabbit or any other animal, is good enough.

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