Saturday, September 1, 2007


Ha! I've created my first list using the oh-so awesome site, Listography! Oh, don't act so horrified-you pick your nose too. If you didn't, it'd be a mess. Anyway, "What is Listography," you might ask? It's a website where you can go to organize and create lists for pretty much anything you can possibly think of. You can also be a total voyeur and look at other people's lists. Some broader topics include books, music, family, wish lists and many more. You can also make your own subtopics and add a little descriptive blurb to the beginning of the list. It's just completely fun and addicting. Go, go, go and make your lists dammit!


Anonymous said...

Iagree with everything on your listography except the last one !!

Jackie said...

Yeah right, Grandma...we all know you're a picker! Just kidding :)