Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indian Lily

Here's a small, post-card size mixed media piece inspired by the art of India. The background is painted with acrylics and the flower itself is made from origami paper (if you haven't realized yet, I am an origami fanatic). I experimented a little bit with this one. I wanted to give it that aged, color-saturated look that you see with a lot of Indian art. I mixed a little pink paint in with some gloss acrylic gel medium and brushed a layer on top of the piece. It dried clear but with a pinkish hue, giving it a nice monochromatic effect; my only regret is that I probably added a little too much paint to the the gel looks a bit washed out, especially in this picture.


Anonymous said...

jackie your art is almost as beautiful as you are. you are an inspiration.

Jackie said...

ummmm....Wow. Thanks.

Vivian said...

Interesting to know.