Saturday, May 10, 2008

Charley Harper

I am frequently asked who my favorite artist is. I've often stumbled to find an answer, never wanting to commit; always supposing that one day it would hit me like a pile of bricks. Well, that day has arrived. His name is Charley Harper. I've seen his work here and there and I'm almost certain I read a book illustrated by him as a child, but it all came crashing down yesterday when I came across a huge oversized tome of his works written by the interior design icon, Todd Oldham. I just cannot even express how stunning these prints were. It is hard to capture in the pictures that I have posted here. His works at first seem decpetively simple; it is not until you look at them for a few seconds that you realize that you have come across a master of modernism. His paintings are whimsical and bold - sometimes joyous, sometimes bizarre. I highly recommend getting ahold of Oldham's book. It will brighten your day immeasurably.


Mary Ann said...

Hi Jackie, did you happen to catch the segment on Charley Parker/Tod Oldham on the CBS Sunday Morning show, back in Feb? .. you can read the transcript at
Maybe there's a video of it posted somewhere, you'd love it.. Mary Ann from HBPL

Mary Ann said...

oops.. I meant Charley Harper

Jackie said...

No, I didn't! I will check out the link...Thanks Maryann.

Sandra Evertson said...

This looks so Fun, and Love the Fabulous Charms below!
Sandra Evertson