Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mokume Gane Pendants

I am attempting to gain college credit by evaluation for some of my art/craftwork skills. I was challenged to create a new polymer clay technique by one of the school's evaluators - and I'm glad I was, because this is the result. This is my take on the mokume gane technique (pronounced moh-koo-meh-gah-neh), which was originally a Japanese metalwork technique. For me, the process involved a lot of layering and manipulating different colors of polymer clay, then imprinting and shaving off the very top layer to reveal the wonderful marbling effect within. This was no easy feat - it was tricky, especially the shaving part. Each pendant has copper flake inclusions which I placed in between some of the layers when I was making them - it's the most obvious in the middle pendant above. I will be posting some pictures of the process as well (see above).


Dave Jones said...

Hey there! Did I see you wearing one of these earlier in the week?

Dan said...

Now that I've seen you do it, the pictures meke much more sence.