Monday, August 24, 2009

Fire Inspiration

So for the last ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap I did through Swap-Bot, the theme was fire. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but then it hit me: I would make myself into a wild fire woman! Using a photo I took of myself, I added ink and acrylics to bring this idea to fruition. Here she (I) is (am)! I wish I could capture this piece in its full glory but it seems impossible. The metallic paint I've used for my eyes and some hair highlights just doesn't show up in a photo or scan.


The Twins said...

Looks absoultly wonderful! And if it's not in its full glory now then, gosh I would love to see it!!!

Jackie said...

Thank you!

Patti Robinson said...

Really cool! I entered a "what craft can you make for under $10 shopping at a 99 cent store" challenge on Craftster and it was lots of fun. I like swaps & challenges because you get to do something that you might not have thought of, like being in a book club and (for me) reading something that's not a craft book or a mystery.