Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peanut Pod Inspiration

Here are some new designs that I'm really psyched about - one set of earrings and a pendant/necklace. I think they're new and unique and I couldn't be more proud. These are semi-inspired by Ronna Weltman's organic styling of polymer clay (see post below) but I feel that they definitely have my own signature style. I love mixing seed beads in with my polymer clay pieces. I think they add a nice delicate touch. These designs are definitely the start of something new for me.
The pods themselves are made of gray scrap clay which has been molded and baked around long wooden beads to give them their shape. Before baking, the outsides of the pods had been textured and highlighted with silver mica powder (this texture gives them that peanuty effect). The insides of the pods have been decorated with small discs that were molded with a ball stylus. These discs are made out of my new metallic Pardo clays. Seed beads sit in the center of the discs which have been filled with gloss varnish to set the beads in place. I will be adding these designs to my Etsy shop very soon.

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y. said...

you will do very well on etsy I'm sure:)