Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harvest Poppy Inspiration

Here's my new Harvest Poppy necklace. It's made from polymer clay, liquid clay, mica powder, copper flakes, seed beads, and gloss varnish. The inspiration for the colors came from a sweater I recently purchased. When I first went to wear the sweater, I was disappointed to find that I had no jewelry to match. So I grabbed the sweater, took it to my craft desk and got some clay out. I ended up mixing a purple color with white and gold to make the outer petal. If you click on one of the photos to get a close-up look, you can see the gold shining in it.
I took a risk with this one and gave it a white center instead of black or dark brown. I like how it kind of looks like a mushroom top - to me it adds to the organic feel of the pendant. Finding the right color seed beads was a challenge. I almost took the brown strand out, then decided against it at the last minute. Without it, the piece just looked too matchy-matchy.
I'm definitely going to making another one of these. Right now I'm deciding what colors I'm going to use. Any suggestions?


feelingfimo said...

I love your Poppy necklace!!!Great work!

Jackie said...

Thanks so much!