Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art Bead Scene January Challenge Pt. 2

Here are some images showing how I made my challenge entry in steps. Sorry for the quality on some of these photos. I've been working on the piece at night and man made light is never quite right (that could be a poem!). And here's the accompanying info:
1. I started off by making and baking the pod shells. Sorry - no show & tell for this part - it's something I worked hard at to perfect and would rather keep to myself! ; )
2. Next, after mixing 15 parts translucent clay to 1 part colored, I mix in some copper leaf pieces and roll my clay into 2 elongated eggs, small enough to fit into the pods. I insert seed beads to form a textured pattern into the clay using a small ball stylus to really embed them in the clay.
3. After this I apply some Translucent Liquid Sculpey to the back of the beaded clay pieces.
4. I then insert the pieces into the pre-baked pod shells and bake them together.
5. After baking I "drill" in little holes into the tops of the pod shells for my beading wire to go through. This can be done before baking the pods too, but I like my holes tiny and I've found this works best.
I originally had 2 blue pods (as you can see from the above pictures). In the end however, I ended up taking them out. I just liked the yellow, pink and green pods on their own. Also, 2 extra pods added too much bulk to the necklace (in my opinion).

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