Saturday, September 15, 2007

~ ~ A Find From The Far East ~ ~

I was in a thrift store the other day and I came across a double-deck set of playing cards in a small black box. The box stated "Far East Playing Cards: 54 cards with typical costumes from China, Indonesia, Japan and India."
I'm not sure when they were made; from the looks of the graphics on the box, I'd say maybe sometime in the '70's. Here's a look at the backs and some of the fronts of the cards.
Some of them are incredibly beautiful, with deep reds and scintillating golds (go ahead and click on the images for some more details).
And at two bucks, they were quite the bargain! This is why I love thrift stores so much. Whenever I leave one with a find like this, my day is made.


The Maineiac said...

Those cards are really great, You should get some good ideas from them.

Jackie said...

Thanks Grandm...uh, i mean, "Maineiac" ;)