Saturday, September 15, 2007

~ ~ Paper Mosaic #3 ~ ~

My latest paper mosaic. This one's small, about post-card size. It was quick and fun. Underneath is the mosaic revamped using a curlicue technique through my paint shop. Making these mosaics is a great way to teach yourself a little more about color theory and even a little composition too. I don't know why, but there's something about glitter glue that makes me perfectly contented each and every time I use it. Just one of those little reasons why I love to create.


Donna Layton said...

Hi Jackie,
I LOVE the paper mosaics you've been doing. It seems like lots of fun. I've been fretting over all my wallpaper scraps lately and I wonder how one of these mosaics would look in vintage wallpaper? Might be pretty cool. Those playing cards are so very pretty......and I'm totally with you on the glitter thing! What is it about glitter???

Jackie said...

Thanks Donna! And yes, I'm sure that the wallpaper scraps would work very well (and the finished piece would match your walls!) Thanks for the comment! :)