Monday, September 3, 2007

Anatomy Of A Block

I've been going through a little creative block within the past week or so, and today it really came to a head. What causes a creative block? I've been trying to figure that out all day. So I've decided to analyze the specifics of my personal block and see if I can figure it out in order to avoid it in the future. It started like this: * I had what I thought was a brilliant new idea for a project. * The next day I began said project with an ample amount of gusto and energy. * Everything was going well until I finished the project. For some reason the way the finished project looked in my mind was something completely different than what sat in front of me. * I began to question my taste and originality. * I started to compare all of my past and present artwork to the works of other artists and crafters I admire, and thinking to myself how inferior my projects seemed in their light. And the block began. The unfinished piece sat on my desk. I could neither approach it to finish it, nor could I bring myself to start something new. I felt guilty abandoning the piece, yet at the same time was so completely frustrated with it that I kept contemplating the trash can as its new home. Since then I have been re-working my piece, and it's coming out pretty damn good. I just had to attack it with some paint and glitter glue to get things rolling again. Re-reading this post, I think I've got it figured out. I got way too excited before I started the project. I assumed it was going to come out perfect so of course I was going to let myself down. However, the worst thing I did was to start to compare myself to others. Doing this is just generally unhealthy and speaking from personal experience, has never gotten my anywhere except stuck in one spot. So, I think I've exorcised the little demons of my creative block. Now bring on the freakin' glitter glue!!

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Denise said...

Jackie, here are some rules to creativity:
1. have no excpectations
2. follow your intuiution
3. sometimes, our creations just stink. Getting the stinky ones out of the way allows room for the good ones to come. Celebrate the stinky ones.

Aunt Denise
ps: you are doing some interesting experimentation.