Monday, October 8, 2007

Dia De La Muerta Skull

In keeping with my Halloween theme, here is a collaged skull inspired by the Day of the Dead in Mexico. I've always wanted to go to the Dia de la Muerta festival; I can imagine it being quite an experience. The skull is made of origami and other collage papers and glitter glue. It was tweaked a bit with my graphics program in the end, giving it that lovely hot wax coating effect that I totally dig.


changapeluda said...


I found your blog thru whip-up and I thought i'd Not Lurk and let you know up front I'm checkin' you out!

There's a blogger called El Collage who does some Amazing stuff.

I've sribbled "Aspire to be Easily Inspired" on many a wall in the house and am So Glad to have found you!
Have a Good Day!

Jackie said...

Ah, thanks for commenting! I will check out el collage ASAP. :)

Anonymous said...

good, i just brought tons of different emo backgrounds at my blog