Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Bouquet Necklace

I am extremely proud to show off this necklace that I finally finished today. This thing has been living in my head for a very long time, and I'm so happy that it is now a tangible, wearable object. The three flowers are made out of (what else?) polymer clay. Each layer or "petal" is a separate hand-sculpted piece. The flowers' centers are adorned with corresponding color seed beads. Flanking the blooms are two leaf-shaped glass beads. The necklace is finished with green seed beads and a toggle clasp. I also went ahead and made matching earrings which you can see in the bottom picture. The biggest challenge of this necklace was the actual construction of the finished baked pieces. Attaching the petals of the flowers themselves was the first issue. Mounting the flowers to the wire in an aesthetically pleasing way and getting them to hang "just so" was the biggest challenge of all. I'm entering this necklace into Polymer Cafe Magazine's summer "Flower Power" challenge. The only thing that's driving me nuts is that you can only submit ONE photo! Of course, being an indecisive Libra, I've been agonizing over this for hours. I'm also agonizing over the name of the piece. Right now I'm calling it "Summer Bouquet Necklace," but if anyone has a better idea, please comment!


Patti Robinson said...

Love it, very hip & modern & "flowery" at the same time. And congrats on entering. I always plan to enter/submit stuff, but then I never do ... I hate to (but have to) be corny "you are a does of inspiration today". Ha! But true!

Jackie said...

Thanks Patti!