Friday, February 26, 2010

A Twist of Inspiration

Well, it's a snow day here on Long Island and I have off from work today! Yay! It's great because I'm really in a creative mood today, and if I were at work I'd just be thinking about all the things I could be making at home. For now, I'm posting some earrings I've made this past week.
Let me preface this post by explaining that one of the things I've always loved about polymer clay (and clay in general) is its malleability. It puts up with a lot of pulling, kneading, squishing, rolling, and twisting. It is impressionable, flexible, pliable, and very forgiving. It is the contortionist in the circus of craft (and a chameleon to boot).
With that in mind, I created these delicate little twist earrings. They're made out of translucent polymer clay with a bit of color mixed in and some copper inclusions. These photos portray their form quite well, but unfortunately they cannnot fully capture the depth of colors. The gold/copper earrings are especially pretty when they hit the light. There is gold Pardo clay mixed in to this pair and it literally makes the earrings glow.
I varnished both earrings with Delta Ceramcoat gloss varnish (my favorite by the way, if you're looking for a decent varnish for polymer clay). It makes the earrings look a little bit like glass - in fact when my mom saw me wearing the gold pair, she thought they were glass. I'm planning on making some more today - perhaps some longer ones with a taper. I'll post them when I'm done!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! It definitely creates a novel look with the transparent clay and the metal.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love these earrings Jackie! The simple shape really showcases the beauty of the translucent clay!

cobaltandindigo said...

Wow. I was hoping to get some work done on my current project (some color mixing) but now I am going to have to break out the translucent clay and have a go at making some earrings! Beautiful photography of the finished product!

Jackie said...

Thanks everyone!!