Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mandaloscope Inspiration

I'm home sick today and just can't seem to concentrate. I feel horrible but still needed some kind of entertainment that didn't just involve sitting like a zombie in front of the TV. I decided to take random images from the Web and manipulate them with my graphics program's Kaleidescope effect. The results are these interesting and inspiring Mandala-like images - or, as I'll refer to them, "Mandaloscopes." I've decided to post a couple of these images (with the originals). From the top: a magazine ad of a female clown from 1970 and corresponding mandala. Then, a vintage male contortionist and corresponding mandala.
What's interesting about the Kaleidoscope effect in PaintShop Pro, is that you can actually shift the image to an endless combination of positions based on the vertical/horizontal offsets and rotation angles - kind of like a real Kaleidoscope. So you can come up with an infinite array of images. It's an exercise in composition - and quite entertaining. Now I'm going to bed.


Patti said...

I think you're really pushing the boundaries of your art, which is great. You are an explorer.

Jackie said...

Thanks Patti!