Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dotty Pod Inspiration

A new earring design has arrived - my Dotty Pods! These are similar to my Peanut Pod Earrings in that the "shell" is the same form, but the inside is different. The shells are made of purple polymer clay that has been molded and baked around long wooden beads to give them their shape. Before baking the outsides have been textured. The middles are turquoise clay that has been textured and added after the shell has baked. They are attached with liquid polymer clay and the piece is baked again as a whole to ensure a strong hold.
What's amazing about polymer clay is that it's so light that even these large earrings don't weigh down my earlobes. Look at that middle picture to see what I'm talking about.

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Rebecca said...

I happened upon your blog, you make such interesting forms! I love these earrings and I appreciate the regretsy link! Too funny!